IT Leaders is the premier business technology summit Africa:

  • Meet with top industry leaders to discuss the most current trends affecting key players in the IT sector.
  • Network with a diverse audience of industry experts and business technology leaders, as well as top IT solution providers focused on security, IT alignment and staffing.
  • Attend educational workshops which are reflective of contemporary trends that affect the evolving role of IT executives in Africa.


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Cape Town

Enabling growth & Innovation in the IT sector

 21  June | The Capital 15, on Orange, Cape Town

IT Leaders Africa is the premier business technology summit with over 10 years of expertise in the IT and Security sectors,  where top industry leaders meet to discuss the most current trends affecting key players in the IT sector.

Hosted by Kinetic

Why IT Leaders Africa is right for you.

Sponsored Educational Workshops. These 60 minute educational workshops focus on how IT teams have been shifting rapidly over the past two years to address emerging demands, including remote work and virtual business. This has met the operational needs of the organization, but now it’s time to resume a focus on strategic alignment.

Enabling alignment & collaboration

The role of the modern day, transformative CIO is rapidly evolving. Learn strategic initiatives to help align and empower the business as well as instill confidence in C-suite peers.

Data Management

Become more effective at leveraging data and analytics, learn how to embrace predictive and prescriptive analytics to benefit the business.

Actionable perspectives

Discover approaches that will clearly delineate between business objectives and the platforms, technologies and techniques to get there.


Address the mounting pressure and concern in the industry as cyber-attacks. Identify the challenges involved with keeping businesses and
data secure from threats


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