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Michael Mureithi

CEO, Cheki

I'm an awesome business leader and growth hacker! I specialize in growing businesses by transforming them to optimally deliver value to the customer of today and tomorrow while at the same time maximizing the value generated to the business. I do this by using data analytics, both quantitative and qualitative, my creative abilities in managing & growing a business and building the right team. I have vast experience in the technology, financial services, telecommunications, retail, public and aviation sectors at both mature companies and start-ups. I gained this experience having worked with Cheki, OLX, KPMG, Kenya Airways and at my own entrepreneurial ventures. I have a clear and logical mind with a practical approach to problem-solving and a drive to see things through to completion. I’m a great project manager with a great eye for detail. I love to experiment and I’m not afraid to fail – I’ve made many mistakes but out of these mistakes I’ve learnt tons of great things. In summary, I know how to get stuff done!