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Mansoor Hussein

Hashmart Kenya, Managing Director

I am the founder and managing director for Hashmart. Hashmart started 3 years ago althoughthe brand existed earlier as Kotec. The company has come a long way since then and hasgrown tremendously. The company specializes in the sale of electronics. Some of our topcategories under electronics are Televisions, Phones and Tablets, Home appliances, cameras,car accessories, and computing. We are also introducing new products such as Toys and afro-crafts.My experience was founded in selling electronics in shops. I then realized the potential ofe-commerce and decided to start a company to avail electronics to customers with convenience.The company has since relied on aggressive marketing strategies as well as in house teamdevelopment to achieve its goals. We also conduct research on the Kenyan market to ensurethat every product we avail to the client is up to date and consistent to consumer needs.With time, I decided to work with manufacturers and artisans across the world to source the bestproducts at the prices that suit our clients. This results in all our orders being shipped to youfrom across the world. My greatest responsibility is to ensure we can track orders, Maintain their safety and ensure they reach their clients in time and in their convenience. I believe that the effectiveness of e-commerce can be achieved by offering clients convenience, security and offering them a wide variety of choices.